The Pandemic Stress Index (PSI)

The Pandemic Stress Index is a 3-item measure of behavior changes and stress that individuals may have experienced during COVID-19 (coronavirus). The items presented are a "core" set of items that are recommended, however, additional population-specific items may be added depending on study / clinical needs.

Translation Information:

The measure is available in the following languages: English & Spanish. Translation was done by CLaRO and CHARM study teams. Method for translation was the following: translation, back translation, and comparison/reconciliation by a third party in consultation with other native speakers as needed.

  • Turkish translation: Anjelika Huseyinzade Simsek, Department of Psychology, Çağ Üniversity
  • Mandarin translation: Xinrong Li & Yongsheng Wang, Xihua University
  • Italian translation: Debora Penco, Elidea psicologi associati
  • Haitian Creole translation: Lunthita Duthely, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

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