El Centro Research Core provides leadership and support to promote scientific rigor and innovation in health disparities research.

The Research Core provides a research infrastructure platform that advances scientific rigor, innovation and impact of health disparities (HD) research through support, guidance, and regulatory oversight of El Centro studies.  It serves as a HD research resource for investigators, locally, nationally and internationally, as well as an incubator that facilitates and nurtures development of HD research programs, contributing to the success of emerging investigators; identifying and utilizing innovative research and analytic methods to enhance HD research.

The Research infrastructure provides study support for core studies, associated studies and dissertations as well as support services such as Velos (a research / clinical trials management software), Quality Assurance (QA) monitoring, Internal Review Board (IRB) support, and methods and statistics.  The Research Core also provides methodological resources and consultations such as a measures library, cultural tailoring consultation, proposal internal review and support for community-initiated research.  The Research Core advances the use of innovative methods in HD research through psychometric analysis, tools for effectiveness studies, costing and cost-effectiveness analysis, document population referenced effects and synthesis of findings across data sets.