Daily Discrimination Scale

The Everyday Discrimination Scale (EDS) it is used as a measure of subjective experiences of daily discrimination against the minority population. This measure contains nine elements that assess the person's daily life, followed by a follow-up question about what the person believes was the reason for that daily discrimination. This measure also presents a short version of five elements. It takes five to ten minutes to administer.

For the online version in English and Spanish (.zip files), the original instructions remain so as not to alter the original translation.

Measure Source Article:

Williams, D. R., Yu, Y., Jackson, J. S., & Anderson, N. B. (1997). Racial Differences in Physical and Mental Health: Socioeconomic Status, Stress, and Discrimination. Journal of Health Psychology, 2 (3), 335-351.


Related Article(s):

  1. Williams, D., John, D., Oyserman, D., Sonnega, J., Mohammed, S. and Jackson, J. (2012). Research on Discrimination and Health: An Exploratory Study of Unresolved Conceptual and Measurement Issues. [online] NCBI.

Translation Information:

All measures had either been previously translated into Spanish and were subsequently reviewed by the University of Miami Center for HIV and Research in Mental Health CHARM (P30MH116867) team for local accuracy of meaning or were translated and back translated by the team. Translated study materials, including all assessment and intervention materials, were pilot tested with local focus groups of stakeholders, patients and providers.


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