Spiritual Well Being Scale (SWBS)

The Spiritual Well Being Scale (SWBS) (Paloutzian & Ellison, 1982) is a 20 item scale that measures an individual's well-being and overall life satisfaction on two dimensions: (1) religious well-being, and (2) existential well-being. Items related to religious well-being contain the word "God" and measure the degree to which one perceives and reports the well-being of his or her spiritual life in relation to God. Items related to existential well-being contain general statements that ask about life direction and satisfaction and measure the degree to which one perceives and reports how well he or she is adjusted to self, community, and surroundings.

Measure Source Article:

Paloutzian, R.F., Ellison, C.W. (1982). Loneliness, spiritual well-being and the quality of life. Loneliness: A Sourcebook of Current Theory, Research, and Therapy, 224-237.


Translation Information:

The Spiritual Well Being Scale was translated to Spanish by the measure developers.

The measure is available for purchase in several languages including English and Spanish.


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