Social Support Questionnaire - Short Form (SSQ6)

The Social Support Questionnaire- Short Form (Sarason et al., 1987) is a 6 item measure of social support. For each of the 6 items, respondents indicate the number of people available to provide support in each of 6 areas and then rate the overall level of satisfaction with the support given in each of the areas.

Measure Source Article:

Sarason, I.G., Sarason, B.R., Shearin, E.N., Pierce, G.R. (1987). A brief measure of social support: Practical and theoretical implications. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 4(4), 497-510.


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Translation Information:

The SSQ6 was translated to Spanish by the SETA study (University of Miami Protocol #20000255) team, Principal Investigator, Dr. Daniel Feaster.  The translation process consisted of 3 steps:  translation, back translation, and comparison/reconciliation by a third party in consultation with other native speakers as needed. 


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