Student Research Volunteer Toolkit

We would like to share the Student Research Volunteer Toolkit with you. The toolkit was developed by the Research Training and Education Core of the Center of Excellence for Health Disparities Research: El Centro. Within the toolkit, you will find training resources for the onboarding of students to work on human subjects research studies. The toolkit also includes materials that can be used to evaluate the student's research experience.

To access the toolkit, please click the following link: Student Research Volunteer Toolkit, or copy and paste the full link on your browser ( You will need to select “I Need a CourseSites Account” if you are a new user, “I Have a CourseSites Account” if you are an existing user, or “Guest Login” if you would like to log on as a guest (most users will need to click I need a CourseSites account).

We sincerely hope you find the toolkit useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact John Salerno at

Best regards,

Victoria Mitrani, El Centro Principal Investigator

Jessica Williams, El Centro Research Training and Education Core Director