Partnership for Domestic Violence Prevention Community Advisory Board

The Partnership for Domestic Violence Prevention Community Advisory Board (PDVP CAB) was originally developed for an El Centro funded community-based participatory research (CBPR) study that laid the foundation for a community-academic partnership between the Coordinated Victim Assistance Center (CVAC) within the Miami Dade County Community Action and Human Service Department, other service providers in the community, and the UMSONHS.

This study employed community mobilization approaches and collected qualitative and quantitative data that was used to inform various violence prevention and intervention strategies in the county. These strategies included the development and testing of a teen dating violence prevention program for Hispanic families, a domestic violence homicide prevention initiative, HIV and STI testing, and services for victims of human trafficking.  Numerous research studies exploring the experiences of survivors of dating violence, domestic violence and human trafficking have also resulted from this initial effort.

The PDVP CAB was originally chaired by Dr. Gonzalez-Guarda, Co-Director of R-TEC, but is now managed by CVAC. The CAB meets every other month and includes representatives from government, small and large community organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, and the larger community. The PDVP CAB provides El Centro access to leaders from a variety of groups and constituencies, opportunities for outreach to a wide range of community-based organizations, and supports the sustainability of this community-academic partnership through grant and local fund raising opportunities.

PDVP Advisory Board Members – Past and Present

Adria Villaverde
Administrative Office of the Courts, DV Division

Aifa Alvarez
Miami Beach Police Department

Brenda Rivera
Legal Aid Society

Carrie Soubal
State Attorney’s Office

Christina Asencio
Americans for Immigrant Justice

Eugene Carral
Office of the Courts, DV Division

Frank DeLaurier
The Melissa Institute

Hortensia Nunez

Ivon Mesa
Coordinated Victim Assistance Center

Juan Ferreiro
State Attorney’s Office

Juanita Cendan
Legal Aid Society

Julieta Hernandez
Mailman Center - for Robert Morgan

Michelle Ortiz
Americans for Immigrant Justice

Rob Collins
Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence, Inc.

Rosa Figarola
11th Judicial Court Dependency Court

Violet Felipe-Diaz
Safe Space AFV

Maria Becerra Entre Nosotras

Alex Moreno
University of Miami Adolescent Medicine and Counseling

Tania Sanchez
State Attorneys Office