Community Engagement

The overall mission of the Community Engagement, Dissemination and Implementation (CEDI) Core is to engage national, local community and academic leaders in a collaborative effort to improve the health of our local community.

Through a multipronged approach, we seek to enhance local efforts to reduce and eliminate major health disparities in the areas of substance abuse, HIV and other STIs, family and intimate partner violence, and serious mental health disorders.

The CEDI Team accomplishes this mission by establishing a network of community leaders and agencies, policy makers, national experts on evidence-based practices, and academic leaders that work together on specific tasks such as:

  • Identifying health information and practical research findings needed in the community and creating community activities that deliver the information in a user-friendly manner.
  • Informing the community about, and engaging them into, clinical trials and projects focused on the implementation of evidence-based interventions.
  • Building community agency capacity for research, utilization of technology, and implementation of evidence based practices.
  • Organizing activities (e.g., webinars, workshops) that lead to service provider training and implementation of evidence based practices.
  • Creating local support and resource networks to sustain the newly acquired skills and EBPs.