Health Disparities and Community Engagement Directory

This directory is a listing of some of the faculty members and other personnel at the University of Miami who are conducting scholarly activities focused on community health, diversity and health disparities.  We have organized the list alphabetically, by the individual’s unit within the University of Miami, by the geographic area in which they conduct their work, and by scholarly focus area. The directory is searchable using the Ctrl + F function.

We extend our appreciation to the scholars on this list who responded to requests for their information.  This would not have been possible without all of their cooperation and we hope that this directory serves as a useful resource to our University and Miami communities.  

We are indebted to our El Centro Student Assistant, Olutola Ogunrinde, and to the El Centro Community Engagement, Dissemination, and Implementation Core Coordinator, John Salerno for their dedication in putting together the directory.

Finally, we give our appreciation to our colleagues in the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute and the School of Education and Human Development, particularly Dr. Guerda Nicolas, who collaborated with us on the first iteration of the directory.

The list of scholars in the directory is by no means exhaustive, and we know that many individuals may not be represented in this directory who should be. It is our intention to update the directory annually. Please contact Victoria Mitrani at to update the information in the directory, or to be added for future iterations.

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Victoria B Mitrani,
El Centro Principal Investigator