About the Administrative Core

The El Centro Administrative Core is the governance structure for El Centro. It contains the Steering Committee and Scientific Advisory Board. The Administrative Core also provides management for El Centro budgetary matters, human resources, grants administration, logistical support, and communication functions with the community (e.g., website, press releases), university officials, and the funding agencies.

The Administrative Core is directed by El Centro Principal Investigator, Dr. Victoria Mitrani, who also serves as Associate Dean for Research of the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies. Marina Alvarez, the School of Nursing and Health Studies’ Executive Director, serves as Administrative Core’s Assistant Director.

Marina Alvarez, MS
Associate Core Director
E mail:  m.alvarez@miami.edu

Christian Ruiz-DeGennaro, BA
Administrative Core Coordinator
Office:  305-284-6025
E mail:  cruiz@miami.edu

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is charged with developing policy for the conduct of El Centro and ensuring collaboration on all policy issues pertaining to the studies and cores. The committee meets monthly and is responsible for: 1) providing strategic planning for El Centro core activities and maximizing the impact of El Centro for reducing health disparities; 2) monitoring and providing oversight and guidance for research studies; 3) reviewing core functions and assessing their effectiveness; 4) planning research, training, outreach and dissemination projects; 5) selecting post-doctoral fellows and proposals for internal review. Membership in the Steering Committee consists of the core directors, the Assistant Director of the Administrative Core, and a representative from community partner agencies.

Steering committee members receive monthly reports from the cores and from the principle investigators of the ongoing studies.

Steering members:

El Centro

  • Nilda (Nena) P. Peragallo Montano, DrPH, RN, FAAN
  • Victoria Mitrani, PhD
  • Marina Alvarez, BS
  • Juliette Graziano, PhD
  • Jessica Williams, PhD, MPH, APHN-BC
  • Kira Villamizar, BS, MPH

Community Representative

  • Juliette Graziano, PhD
  • Kira Villamizar, MPH